Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental excellence will be a key indicator of our organizational success.”

Safety Mission Statement

Chemaris is committed to performing every work activity in a safe and incident-free manner while maintaining our focus on delivering a project with the highest level of workmanship.  As pertains to Safety, we believe we owe our Team Members the same level of commitment as we would our own families. Safety is a Core Value that has top priority at Chemaris.

Our Safety Department is charged with expertise in the following areas:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • OSHA Regulations and Standards
  • EPA-NESHAP Regulations
  • DOT Regulations and Driver Safety

General Policy

Chemaris is committed to providing and maintaining an incident and injury free workplace. It is our policy to maintain safe and healthy working environments in every location of a company representative. Chemaris will promote the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and all others in proximity to our projects. In addition, Chemaris will protect, respect and enhance the communities and surrounding environments in which we work.

Chemaris will embrace and utilize the following principles to guide our commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental excellence:

  • The belief that Team Members can be safeguarded against workplace hazards.
  • Safety Leadership is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Field Leadership has a responsibility to train employees to perform work safely.
  • Corporate Leadership has the responsibility of creating a transparent culture of safety.
  • ALL Team Members have a moral obligation to prevent injuries and incidents.
  • Working safely is a requirement of our Safety Culture and every Team Member is encouraged to use their STOP WORK AUTHORITY.