Development and Asset Management


Utilizing expertise in chemistry, processing, business development, operations, and environmental management to accomplish chemical sector strategies with regulatory compliance

About Chemaris

Chemaris is…

Chemaris is a development and asset management company strategically focused on chemical product investments based on chemical co-product feedstocks. Chemaris acquires and operates assets, businesses or companies involved in chemical manufacturing to accomplish its strategies by utilizing its experience and expertise in chemistry, chemical processing, business development, operations, environmental management and regulatory compliance in the chemical sector to create value for its customers, suppliers and investors. In addition to each unique chemical manufacturing operating company, Chemaris operates two additional affiliates companies:

Chemaris Investments

Chemaris Investments develops opportunities in sustainable green chemistry including business development, capitalization, design and construction of chemical manufacturing plants with a focus on improving environmental impacts relative to traditional commercial manufacturing methods.

Chemaris Management

Chemaris Management provides operational oversight for chemical processing and manufacturing plants, including Chemaris Investments’ plants. Oversight includes management, environmental and general regulatory compliance, and financial administration.