Core Values


Safety is our first priority, the most important aspect of our work. Chemaris is committed to the safety of our employees and the employees of our customers and service providers. We are committed to a zero injury workplace. For this reason, all Chemaris employees are trained in areas appropriate to their work environment. Depending on job responsibilities, Chemaris employees may have training in areas such as OSHA compliance (40 hour HAZWOPER, HAZCOM, general and specific training), RCRA and state regulations, DOT regulations, Homeland Security regulations, and in many other areas.


Chemaris strives to lead and motivate by example and consistently live up to these core values. We coach, train, develop, and empower employees to reach their full potential.


Chemaris employees are the most highly valued asset we have and our employees are the face of our business. We respect and value every employee and are committed to support and develop each other personally and professionally.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that if you are not moving forward, you are falling behind. For that reason, we have made continuous improvement one of our core values. We will improve results for all our stakeholders by doing the right things better every time.


We are committed to protecting the health and well being of our employees, our customers, the community, and the environment. “Beneficial Reuse” has fast become a popular catch phrase among environmental companies and HSE personnel. The philosophy behind beneficial reuse however is what we believe in. It is an environmental failure when usable materials are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. There is inherent value in the chemicals and petroleum products we are invested in, and the realization of that value is symbiotic with waste elimination and protection of the environment.

Resource Conservation

Conservation of resources is always important, no matter what the price of energy products or raw materials. To not conserve resources is wasteful and is against our core values. It takes a great deal of energy to create chemical and petroleum raw materials and finished products. If those products are burned or otherwise disposed of, the full value of the resources is never realized. The re-use of industrial chemicals and petroleum products can play a major role in resource conservation.


The rate of technology growth increases exponentially. Chemaris employs advanced technologies in the provision of its services and in advancing the beneficial reuse of secondary chemicals and petroleum products.

Product Stewardship and Responsible Distribution

Good product stewardship is the result of a fundamental belief in the value of life and our environment on a global scale. Chemaris is very careful to ensure that our suppliers, service providers, and customers clearly understand the risks and proper safety and handling necessary for all products that we sell. We believe it is in our best interest to verify that all parties have the necessary information, management, systems, and practices to safely handle our products.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

We treat every individual in our business with integrity and honesty and require that all employees comply with federal and local laws and appropriate ethical standards as a condition of their employment. All employees must comply with the Chemaris Code of Business Conduct.

Quality Policy

Chemaris is committed to contributing to the success of our customers, suppliers and partners by providing value-added products and services that consistently meet stringent requirements. Chemaris’ Quality Assurance Process is a fundamental tool to achieve the company’s mission and to focus on customers. The Quality Process is integrated into all aspects of the company’s business practices. Quality is woven into strategic planning, training, and all the daily activities of our core work processes and the processes that support them. In the Quality Improvement Process, quality means one thing – conforming to and exceeding requirements.